Monthly Archive for: ‘September, 2005’

Search Engine Fluctuations

Search engines use multiple databases to contain the data which is used to determine results when a search query is conducted. As new information is added to a database, that information is transferred to all the databases. It takes time though for the information to synchronize throughout all the databases. Meanwhile, new information continues to be collected. This means that …

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A Big Shot Is Just A Little Shot

Zig Ziglar has a saying the explains that a BIG SHOT is just a little shot that kept on shooting! I know there are days when you are positive that this is all too overwhelming and that you will NEVER figure it out. I also know that if you DON’T QUIT and you just keeping making one positive change at …

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More About Duplicate Content

Google wants to provide their users with quality search results. Look at it from their standpoint for a moment. Let’s say for a moment that 10 sites have the exact same article on one of their pages, and all are well optimized for the search phrase “Learning to Sell Red Widgets”. If you were searching for information on “Learning to …

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