Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2006’

Expression Web Designer Beta

I had been anxious to check out Microsoft’s new Expression Web Designer, not because I had any issues with FrontPage 2003, but because I like playing with new programs. I was thrilled when I received the download notice for the initial private beta, which they have since offered to the general public.I am probably not one of the best people …

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Pages Removed From Google

Why are so many websites having a large number of pages removed from Google’s index? They are discussing this topic in every SEO and webmaster forum on the internet. As always, everyone has a different opinion as to why this is occurring. The only clear indication of what is truly going on has been answered extensively by Google engineer, Matt …

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QFlea Virtual Flea Market

Started as a hobby by Charley Silverman in 1999, the QFLEA Virtual Flea Market is a community of more than 400 vendors working together to create the largest online flea market in the world. These vendors are hard-working people that sell a variety of items from their websites, including crafts, jewelry, clothing, personalized gifts, teddy bears, soaps and candles, and …

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