Know Your Target Audience

Equally important with knowing your target audience is finding ways to let your target audience know you as a person.

Many times when we run an online business, we forget the power of talking with our target audience. Handing people a business card in casual conversation is a common courtesy, but it is unlikely to create the connection needed for them to remember you later. For this to happen, you must stand out above the others. The more people talk about you and what you do, the more you will see your business grow.

Chancery Court Judge Candidate, Vicki B. Cobb - Mississippi Third Chancery Court District Subdistrict 3-2I witnessed this in action at the Thunder on Water Festival in Grenada, Mississippi this weekend. As the temperature approached 100 degrees, I found myself searching for a place to cool off for a few moments, when I came across the smiling face of Chancery Court Judge candidate, Vicki B. Cobb.
She was handing out free snow cones and ice water, and just talking with the people. Not only was she out there among the people getting to know her target audience (the voters) she was also giving us an opportunity to get to know her as a person, instead of just a name on a ballot. The truth is, I was not familiar with even her name before meeting her at the festival. Guess what? I will remember her when it comes time to vote in the elections this fall.
Taking the time to get to know our target audience is something we can all do, both on and offline. Here are some examples.

An online gift shop could provide gift giving tips and ideas, either through a newsletter or blog. Another option might be to create an eBook about gift giving etiquette and give it away free. When it comes time for these people to choose and buy a gift, they will be more likely to remember the company that helped them.

A motorcycle parts company could provide free maintenance tips and minor tune up tutorials. Another option might be to spend time in online motorcycle forums, not specifically marketing their company, but just talking to people and helping answer questions. A simple forum signature (linked) will let folks know what you do. The more they see your name, the more likely they are to remember you.

Think out of the box and you will find virtually unlimited possibilities to talk with people and create the connection they will remember.


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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