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S.R. Emerson, Programmer/Web Developer

S.R. Emerson owns and operates SRT Services located in British Columbia, Canada. SRT Services started out in the 1980’s as a company servicing the local glass industry by providing shop drawings and estimating services.

As computer and internet use grew S.R. Emerson got involved in computers. After a number of years of self-teaching the ins and outs of computers and the internet it was time to get a formal education in computer use. S.R. Emerson now holds a diploma in Program Analysis and Web Development and continues to build her computer and web development skills.

With over 20 years experience managing projects and offices and a noticeable need for computer tutoring S.R. Emerson has taken SRT Services a new direction these days. Our services now include complete package solutions for small business. Services include web design, programming solutions, organizing or reorganizing office paperwork and procedures and tutoring.

SRT Services now owns and operates HTML Basic Tutor. This is a website targeting small business owners, beginner web designers and hobbyist web site owners. The theme of the site is to promote good web design practices and coding by implementing the recommendations of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in a fashion that a person with little or no knowledge of web design can learn from.

S.R. Emerson has also written an e-book entitled HTML 4.01 Basics Simplified which has an accompanying yahoo group for support .

Currently, HTML Basic Tutor is actively involved in the Website Development Training yahoo group, where HTML lessons written by S.R. Emerson are posted.

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