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Domain vs. Subdomain

When you get ready to set up a professional blog, one of the first decisions you will need to make is if you want to use a domain, subdomain, or a free option, such as I recommend treating a blog just like any other website, especially when it comes to the hosting. Some hosting companies allow you to host a multiple number …

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The Nofollow Attribute

As a measure to help prevent comment spam, many blogging platforms automatically add the nofollow attribute to all links found within the comments section of a blog. The thought was that if Google no longer gave “credit” for links using the nofollow attribute, we would see a tremendous decrease in comment spam. “From now on, when Google sees the attribute …

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Coming Up With Blog Topics

Coming up with new blog topics all the time can be challenging. Sometimes you may even find yourself resorting to writing about ways to come up with new blog topics to write about! (grin) It sounds so simple, but it really comes down to blogging about topics that your target audience has interest in. Do you frequently receive emails asking …

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Benefits of Blogging

  The benefits of blogging for business, also known as corporate blogging, go far beyond the reach of search engine optimization. SEO is really only one very small part of the many benefits being discovered.     Although blogging can be anything you want it to be, businesses can use them to come down to a more personal level with …

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Start Blogging Now!

  How is the blogging coming? Have you made it at least a weekly habit yet? Are you looking for other related blogs that will allow you to leave comments with a signature to your website?     WHAT? You haven’t created your blog yet? What is keeping you from taking full advantage of this wonderful technique that will help …

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