How did you get the name Cricket?

Oh goodness . . .

I thought everyone already knew the answer to this question!

I was born with the hiccups. The first time my daddy saw me, he was horrified. He told everyone who would listen that I was the ugliest baby he had ever seen and that I sounded just like a cricket. From that day forward, I have always been known as Cricket.

How long did it take you to learn search engine optimization?

This question is really hard to answer because I have never stopped learning it. This is an ongoing process. I always have multiple tests going on and I continue to learn from those results.

How did you happen to start training these classes and what is your motivation to keep doing them?

Following a full career developing and implementing corporate level training programs, along with a strong background in professional speaking, I made a very personal decision to walk away from it all.

A big part of that decision was based on something happening in my life that made me sit down and take a long hard look at my priorities. You can find this story on the following page.

After spending more than 20 years in the corporate fast lane working 80+ hours a week, staying home as a full time mom was definitely a bit of a culture shock.

It was not financially necessary for me to work outside of the home, but with three children grown and gone, and Haley in school full time during the day I needed something to occupy my time.

I spent a lot of time writing and taking pictures. Although I was actively involved with the Dream Riders, I wanted to do more.

I think I wanted what everyone wants.

I wanted to know that I was making a difference in peoples lives. I wanted the opportunity to Pay it Forward.

It would not be long before the answer came quite by accident.

I was “volunteered” to take over the Dream Riders website. This was hilarious because I did not have a clue what I was doing or even where to begin. Somewhere along the line, I ended up designing sites for others. My first tries at web designing were perfect examples of Common Mistakes in Web Design. I made every possible mistake that anyone could ever make.

I quickly learned that it was not enough to develop websites. I needed people to be able to find those sites in the search engines. Quite honestly I began learning through trial and error. Again I made every possible mistake and was often confused by the conflicting information I was finding on the net. I would carefully study and track my results, implementing those things that worked while staying well within the guidelines of the search engines. With a lot of hard work, I began seeing success fairly quickly.

During my learning process and the continual growth of my new online business, I would often hear the confusion of other website owners looking for answers. I was touched by small business owners looking for a way to increase their income for their families. I was especially drawn to help when it involved a parent trying to find a way to work from home so that they could be there for their kids.

The decision to open the first group was really just a way to give people a place to learn search engine optimization in a setting that would not lead to a ton of conflicting information.

What began as one small SEO Training Class, has grown to thirteen active groups. Four of the groups provide the structured classes designed to help you develop a successful online business. The others are supplemental discussion groups available exclusively to our class members.

The training is provided 100% free, no strings attached.

Along the way I have been very blessed to receive a ton of help from our teachers and from the best dang moderator out there. These folks also volunteer their time to make this all possible.