Keeping Group Email Straight

People often ask me is how I go about keeping group email straight. The truth is that I really do organize email using the same methods that I teach the members of my online groups and classes to use.

By setting rules to make sure that every email goes straight to the folder it belongs in, I save myself hours of frustration.

Organized Group Email Folders

Organized Class and Group Email Folders

Although I have tried several email programs, I am most comfortable using Microsoft Office Outlook. I don’t think which program you use is nearly as important as making sure you are using one you are comfortable with though.

Additionally, I find it makes my life easier if I use specific email addresses for specific purposes. Yes, these means I set up a ton of email addresses, but in the end, it does save me time and effort. It also helps if I need to track down where spam is coming from.

Finally, I flag every email that I may need to follow up with later. This not only helps me remember to respond to the email, it also makes it much easier to track the email down later on, when I am ready.

In the beginning it may take a bit of time to get everything set up in an organized manner, but it definitely keeps me from getting overwhelmed with a large volume of email.


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