Firefox Growing

Why on earth am I bringing up the fact that Firefox users are increasing rapidly?


Over the past few months I have watched Firefox users (a browser) increase rapidly. For the first time, my stats show that Internet Explorer users have now fallen BELOW 90%.

Recently there was another report on a network news broadcast concerning Firefox. This is likely to cause another increase in these users.

This is important to you as an online business owner. You need to know how your site looks in Firefox. It does not have to appear the same, but you need to find out if it still looks good and if it functions as it is designed to.

Someone asked me why on earth we should be concerned about such a small percentage of users.

Ummm . . . folks this is NOT considered a small percentage.

As your site begins to gain popularity in the search engines (by following the lessons) you will find a substantial increase in your daily unique visitors. Even if your site is relatively small, it does not take long to develop a website that has 500 – 1,000 visitors daily. That would be anywhere from 50 – 100 targeted potential customers (on a well-optimized website) that would be viewing your site from a browser other than Internet Explorer. Based on the previous numbers that could be 1,500 – 3,000 people a month!

How many visitors are too many to lose?

Only you can decide how many TARGETED shoppers you can afford to turn away from your business.

If your site does not function correctly in Firefox, you could easily lose a large number of sales.

I honestly do not care which browser you use for your own internet surfing. That is YOUR decision. HOWEVER, I do recommend downloading Firefox so that you can keep track of the appearance of your site in this rapidly growing browser.

Firefox is free, and the download is relatively small. Making it your default browser is not necessary unless you choose to do so.


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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