Small Town Redneck Country Girl

There was a small town country girl who had a passion for making gifts and giving them to anyone who wanted them. She didn’t do it for the attention. She handed out the gifts in a private area, outside of the public eye. She did not give the gifts to hear words of thanks or praise for what she was doing. In fact, often that made her feel a bit uncomfortable.

She did it for the incredible feeling it gave her when her gifts made even a tiny difference in people’s lives.

Sometimes there were people who really did not like the small town country girl. They thought she was somewhat of a snotty little brat who spoke her mind far too often for their personal taste. They wanted and needed the gift she was handing out though, so they chose to tolerate her and took the gift anyway. The girl wasn’t stupid. She knew when this was happening, but it wasn’t important to her.

Those special moments when someone told her of the difference she had made for an entire family because of her small gift, far outweighed the negatives that happened now and then.

Then one day, one of the people who had just been tolerating the small town country girl for about a month, stood up and said something. She told the girl and anyone who would listen that she did not appreciate the manner in which the gifts were given and felt it was her duty to teach the girl how she should behave when she handed out her gifts. She sent the girl multiple emails about this and explained that many others (60) had contacted her to thank her for saying something because they felt the same way but just hadn’t had the courage to tell the girl what a snotty brat she was.

The girl began to cry, and wondered if she had been a total fool to imagine for even a moment that she could make a difference. Throughout the night, and the entire next day, the girl just sat on the couch without moving or speaking. She was looking deep in her heart to decide if it was finally time to stop offering the gift.

At this point, her small town country boy decided it was time to step into her private hell and make his own difference. He told her that a huge part of the success she had experienced when she had been in the corporate world for 22 years had been because of her straight forward (sometimes brash) approach.

He also told her that the small town country girl that he knew and loved would not even consider giving up if there was even one person left that she could reach out to and help. Then, one by one, he began to read all of the beautiful notes to her that she had received from people over the last three years. He gently reminded her why she gave the gifts.

All of the sudden the small town country girl got mad. No, that isn’t quite right. She did not get mad.


Once again, love it or leave it, she was going to speak her mind.

She was going to explain that there was no way in hell that she could please everyone, so she would continue to give the gifts in her own way, with her own style, and personality.

She was also going to explain one last time that it was 100% their decision to choose to accept the gift and the giver as they are. If they were unable to do that, she was going to respectfully request that take full advantage of their right to find the gift elsewhere.

Just a Small Town Redneck Country Girl…


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