Google Jagger Update

Yes folks, we are undergoing an update major in Google. It actually began piece by piece much earlier in the month, but it has been slow in rolling out.

As always, during a major update you will see major fluxes in the search engines results, from one moment to the next. During these types of updates it can take 2 – 4 weeks for things to return to a consistent level. Often results will bounce back and forth between new and very old.

Unless you are using any unethical techniques, do not consider making changes on pages that were already doing well in the results. Relax and continue on step by step with developing quality pages, one by one.

Those of you that have chosen to disregard my repeated warnings concerning duplicate content, “sneaky” redirects, keyword stuffing, pages with virtually no content, etc, etc, will likely be very unhappy with this update.

I have NOT experienced any negative impact from this update.

Those of you that have chosen to follow the standards of building a quality site will continue to grow and see the results of building a site that stands the test of time. Any needed tweaking will be addressed when the updated had settled completely in.

Respectfully, this topic is NOT open for discussion as you will drive yourself crazy trying to second guess yourself and lose valuable time getting your pages ready for the holiday rush. If you are NOT employing any unethical techniques and are following the tutorials for building quality sites verbatim, relax and go back to work.


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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