Google vs Yahoo

I frequently receive the following question and comment concerning my training focus on Google:

  1. You know that Google is NOT the only search engine out there! (indignant tone of voice here)
  2. Why do we focus specifically on Google? (just wondering)

My answer always comes down to one primary reason — RESULTS!

  1. If you TRULY follow all of the lessons, step by step, you will do very well in ALL major search engines.
  2. If you compare actual traffic results from a top five search term placement in Google and a top 5 search term placement in Yahoo, you will find that Google will bring you an average of 4 – 5 times the amount of traffic.

Does this mean I ignore the other search engines?


You have heard me mention it before, but I will mention it again, “A million dollars in nickels and dimes, still adds up to a million dollars”. (meaning the results from all the other search engines adds up)

Once again, you simply hear me mention Google more often because it is the hardest to place in the top 10 for. You will definitely have to have ALL OF YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW to do well in Google. However, the lessons are designed to focus on the techniques needed to place well in ALL the major search engines.


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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