Groups and Forums Rant

Receiving help in groups and forums is not a right that someone owes us. It is a privilege.

  • When did it happen that we decided that groups and forums were our own personal resource centers?
  • When did it happen that we began expecting people to do our research for us?
  • When did it happen that we forgot about common courtesy?

When we disrespect the very people who dedicate so much of their time to help us, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

Without body language and tone of voice to guide us, frequently we can misinterpret the meaning behind the text on the page. This is exactly why we should go out of our way to be even more polite and respectful than we would be in a face to face discussion.

Groups and forums are about SHARING knowledge. When we only take without giving back, it might as well be a search engine where we look up the answers to our questions.

Using groups and forums as places to have other well meaning folks do our research for us, is just plain wrong. Disrespecting those same folks that went out of their way to try to help us is beyond wrong. It is flat out rude.

Let’s take the time to thank someone who has been helpful to us today!


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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