What Do You Need Help With?

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Looking at the list of categories that are covered here on my Website Development Training blog, what topics would you most like to see more articles about?

  – Basic Blogging Tips
  – Basic Computer Tips
  – Google Techniques
  – Motivational Articles
  – Online Business Tips
  – Online Marketing Tips
  – Search Engine Articles
  – Website Development
  – Xara Webstyle Tutorials

Are there certain aspects of blogging that you are not yet feeling confident about? Are there specific marketing concepts that just don’t make sense? Are you lost with issues involving website development or running an online business? Do you need help with more link building ideas? Is day to day motivation or finding ways to balance time between home and work a hang up for you?

What do you feel you could use the most help with?

Please be as specific as possible in your responses. I can’t promise that I will have all the answers, but I bet that I can find someone who does, or at the very least point you in the right direction when I don’t.


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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  1. Jyo G.
    Jyo G.08-01-2007

    “Are there certain aspects of blogging that you are not yet feeling confident about?”

    YES !!!

    Cricket, I am following your SEO classes as if it’s an internal aspect of my biological system. 🙂 .. For first 3 sessions, I just read and read and tried to grasp as much as possible.. but now in forth session when I am trying to implement everything practically.. I am just CONFUSED and nothing else.

    You told us about using blogs.. and I started to learn about it… it’s making me nervous.. as I get confused between the way blogs work.. I am using blogger. .. I am trying to understand their navigation style… I don’t understand their posting preferences.. I mean if I want new article on new page (and not as new post on same page) it asks me to create new blog… and then I cannot come up with SEO friendly blog name everytime…. and above that when you talk about hosting our own blogs on our site.. or having different domaind for blogs… I get confused even more.. none of your blog has .blogspot extension… and because of that I couldn’t differentiate between your main site and your blogs.

    Sorry for blabbering like this.. but yes I am confused and tired too..

    Really sorry if my questions are unreasonable and unimportant …

    – Jyo

  2. Sherry Wells
    Sherry Wells08-01-2007

    “Are you lost with issues involving website development or running an online business?”

    Hi Cricket,

    I currently have a website being hosted with Merchant Moms and Mal’s free shopping cart. It was set up for me when I started with them about 6 months ago.

    I’ve had very few sales, for a few different reasons. (thanks so much for your classes!)

    However, one of my biggest concerns is that MM uses PHP and I’ve heard that search engines my not be able to index some of my pages because the URL isn’t clear.

    For example here’s the URL to a picture of one of my bracelets:

    I have started implementing some of your lessons, but I wonder if I should start fresh with a different host/server/shopping cart/estore???

    I really don’t want to spend time fixing my current website if I’m going to end up moving. After reading about shopping carts/estores, owning your own or losing everything when I leave, I wonder if I should make the move now, rather than later.

    Although it’s a decision I have to make, I would appreciate any insight you can give me.

    Thank you so very much. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your free training. I’m spreading the word. 🙂 I know we’re supposed to hold off on the “thanks”, but I couldn’t help myself.


  3. Linda K
    Linda K08-01-2007

    Are you lost with issues involving website development or running an online business?


    Thank you so much for all I have learned through your classes! My problem is web content. I stare at a blank page and freeze, not knowing what to say. Than I start writing descriptive paragraphs and it sounds like rambling! My ‘creative writing’ classes in school didn’t prepare me for the writing style I see on other websites and I just don’t seem capable of ‘getting it’. I can’t even attempt the SEO part if I can’t get the words down first!

    Is there a cure for this, or am I sunk??

  4. Kelly Feibes
    Kelly Feibes08-01-2007

    I guess I might need some motivational articles, although I generally find them very tedious to read. BUT, I’m having a crisis of confidence. My business has increased more than I ever expected (thanks to your classes), and I’m having difficulties dealing with it.

    Scheduling is one issue – how to accurately estimate the time it will take to complete a custom order, but then not to get overly apologetic if I run a day or two late.

    Another issue is simply feeling like I’m not sure I can really handle this. Even with charts and lists, I’m sometimes haunted by the feeling that I’m forgetting something important. I’ve had nightmares about getting a custom order and then totally botching it!

    How does an expert at failing get used to being successful? If you can give me a good answer to that, you have another career waiting in the field of motivational books! 🙂


  5. Shanna

    I would like more information on ways to increase page rank.


  6. Mike

    I would like to be able to make better use of Google Analytics. While I understand the basics, I am sure there are bits of information that I am not using. What data can really be used to help improve results or understanding of Google (or other) searches.


  7. Tina

    Incoming and outgoing links! Each session I get stuck on this lesson. I think I understand reciprocal links – you link to me and I’ll link to you. More than that, links are greek to me. I keep reading this lesson and all the questions and answers but something isn’t clicking.

    I’m one of your cheerleaders as you and your group for trainers are taking me far beyond what I thought I could do with my site! I am ver grateful!


  8. Rosemary Probert
    Rosemary Probert08-01-2007

    “Is day to day motivation or finding ways to balance time between home and work a hang up for you?”

    I would like to be able to find better ways to organise my time. Sometimes I just seem to be running from one thing to another – never really getting stuck into anything – and at the end of the day I feel exhausted yet I don’t really feel that I’ve achieved anything.

    I’m good at making lists. I have lists for everything – but I’m poor at actually using them.

    Sometimes I decide that I have a number of small jobs to do so I’ll do them first to get them out of the way. But small jobs can easily become large jobs, and then other things pop up, and another day is over.

    I get so frustrated at not really being able to get “stuck in” – but most of the problem is *me*! I need to be able to get myself better organised, so that I can get better organised and then get on 🙂 How?

  9. Marcia

    Hi, Cricket! I have lost count of the sessions since I’ve signed up. 😉 I’ve been doing lots of reading and making changes. I’ve finally gotten myself better organized;so, I can participate more. Yea! The area that I would like to hear more about would be marketing tips. My store is primarily an online business. I participate in wahm forums, especially those that allow me to advertise my business. I swap links with similar (baby or mom related) online businesses. What else can I do online to promote my business? Many thanks for all you do!!!

  10. Jennifer DeRosa
    Jennifer DeRosa08-01-2007


    I would like more marketing tips. My primary concern is being able to promote that my online business offers top quality products in addition to cheaper items. I have been receiving online sales since I started taking your classes (thanks!) but customers are shopping for discount items. I’m okay with the the lesser profit resulting from those orders but I would also like more profitable sales. I also deal with quantity orders so I need to convey the idea that quantity purchasing (with a custom made item) doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. I’ve added testimonials, examples of work, business blog and will add more content, recognizable logos (chamber of commerce) and more testimonials with web links. Any other suggestions?

    I’m also interested in Search Engine Articles & Google Techniques.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Ingrid Stamatson
    Ingrid Stamatson08-01-2007

    Do you need help with more link building ideas?
    Mainly that one. I am working every day with the goal of find one high-quality link for my sites (I have several.)
    I joined three sweepstakes lists. I put in the time to find new sweeps and post them there with my URL in my sig. For links, I go to competitor sites and read the posts on the sweep lists (just found a good one this morning) and I write to them to ask about a link exchange.
    It’s just like Cricket says – it takes hard work, but I believe the results will prove this is the way to go.


  12. Rebekah Mack Bono
    Rebekah Mack Bono08-01-2007

    “Are you lost with issues involving website development or running an online business?”


    I wouldn’t say that I am lost, as I do have one profitable website. But I am brand new with my beauty site. I would love to see more marketing tips. I really want to avoid the PPC advertising as much as possible with this site. It would be great to see additional advertising ideas from you other than PPC.



  13. Paul Knight
    Paul Knight08-01-2007

    I just need to catch up on all the stuff I got behind on during our move. Wasn’t able to keep up with all the paperwork. Once that is done, I need to get motovated again. Then I need to start bloging.

  14. Leah

    Hi Cricket,

    I enjoy the information in your classes & subscribe even when I don’t have as much time as I’d like to devote to web development. I’d love more info on design – you posted a link to some CSS templates that were really helpful to me, and I would definitely like more of that kind of information – for people who already know basic HTML and CSS but are (like me) a little clueless about how to use those skills to design attractive layouts.


  15. Elaine McCool
    Elaine McCool08-01-2007

    I guess that blogging tips would be the most pertinent for me at the moment. Part of the problem I’ve had is with getting plug-ins to work in WordPress, despite following your tutorials several times over. I managed to crash the entire thing once, had to holler for help from the hosting company and have been afraid to even THINK about trying to make the post titles more SEO friendly ever since.

    Another thing that has happened is that I find myself blabbering about any old thing just to keep the blog from turning into a “cobweb”.

  16. Anne Warrington
    Anne Warrington08-01-2007

    I would like to know how to clone myself…..:) And if that is not on the syllabus, if should be.

    Seriously, I think that I would love more information on good link building, how to use newsletters effectively for marketing, good time management skills, and finally how to learn to let go and begin teaching someone else how to help me….Im wearing too many hats.

  17. Amy Sue
    Amy Sue08-01-2007

    I guess my biggest challenges (besides not enough hours in the day) are related to developing and marketing an online business – or just a business in general.

    Developing a business plan and goals – what goals to set and how to reach them – has been hard, I’m not sure where to start.

    Marketing ideas don’t come easily to me either – I’m not used to “tooting my own horn” and find it hard to put myself and my products out there in a productive way.

    Amy Sue :o)

  18. Lauren at LucasWorks
    Lauren at LucasWorks08-01-2007

    Hi Cricket,
    I’m lost in a fog of blog…I have installed WordPress (twice now), and am trying to understand the documentation, which is not as easy to understand as your classes (which only took about 4 rounds to begin to “get”)!

    I don’t get:
    1) If I’m supposed to make each post a different title, file name, keyword, etc.
    2) How to do the above without making each post a page, when sometimes I only want to add a paragraph.
    3) If “catagories” are supposed to have their own title, file name, keyword, etc.
    4) What the heck is “RSS” used for, and should I be worried if I don’t have a clue?
    5) Why are all those other things listed under “Meta” in the sidebar?

    Those are for starters.

    The only other thing I’m having trouble with is writing content good enough to make people want to purchase, although you certainly give us enough material on this subject!

    Thanks loads for these classes, and God bless you and yours,
    Lauren Padgett

  19. Jennifer Hudson
    Jennifer Hudson08-01-2007

    Topics I would love training for:
    Marketing – online and offline ideas 😉
    Online business tips would be good too
    and I love the motivational articles that you give us!

    I am trying to fit everything in each day, as we all are, and looking for busines to pick up. I finally have some quiet days starting next month, and I really want to be able to stay focused on my business & not have to go outside to make everything work.

    Thank you again for everything you do!

  20. Cluny Grey / Donna
    Cluny Grey / Donna08-01-2007

    Hi! Cricket,
    I could use more marketing tips, information, techniques as this is an entirely new way of thinking for me. Never had a business/marketing course, but I’m finding it fascinating although I know I lack basic marketing – should I say theory? I’m having a hard time figuring the demographics for my market, and I’ve found that the market research reports are expensive, and I don’t think “academic” research techniques are working or would work for me.
    Thanks to you, I feel fairly confident in some of the other topics although I know I have a long way to go!
    Thank you,

  21. Elaine

    “Is day to day motivation or finding ways to balance time between home and work a hang up for you?”

    This is my main problem – I feel I have so little time and so much to do. I know there are no quick fixes and it all boils down to elbow grease, but more details on “this one is really important” or “you need to do this, this and this before you do these next steps” would help.

    Despite the fact that in the classes you divide everything up so neatly into small steps, I seem to get so involved in reading each step that I focus on one and then jump to the next before I’ve finished the first few steps. Gentle reminders here and there that “at this point, you should have this and this done” or something to that effect would be great.

    I know you have been doing this for a long time, and you probably figured out what pace is best after some amount of trial and error. Personally, though, I feel the pace is way too fast – if everything were spaced out over 3 months instead of 1, I would be more likely to get things done in order. Of course I know everyone has a different pace, but I feel like no one who has even a small website would be able to implement all the changes as quickly as the lessons are doled out.

    Thanks again for these wonderful classes and forums! I would have given up long ago if not for your help, and the help of peers. I never feel like I’m the only one struggling, and knowing I’m not alone helps a ton.

  22. Story Time Felts
    Story Time Felts08-02-2007

    Hi Cricket! Thanks so much for all you do – it is all awesome! I would love more basic blogging tips, how to turn my ‘blah’ blog into something effective and useful to my readers and how to get more action out of it, also some WordPress ins and outs but I think you are working on that already.

    I’d also like some more marketing tips, what else can we do to establish relationships with potential customers?

    Thanks again!

  23. Gwen Bortner of Knitability
    Gwen Bortner of Knitability08-03-2007

    Although I have yet to ask a question, because what you say makes sense, I still really appreciate the information and keep up as much as possible with the postings.

    I always feel like there is so much more to learn on the marketing side of the table and I always appreciate other people’s insights into time management and organization (although most would say I have that well in hand). But if I had to choose just one thing it would be related to marketing and that is content. I definitely understand what you teach and love the J Peterman example you provide, but some of my best insight comes from your answers to specific questions within the class discussion. I always feel like I am getting too wordy and boring, I have difficulty making it interesting and inticing.

    But I know what you teach works, as I have started seeing the results. It will take many more months before I get anywhere close to where I want to be, but I know it is a “one step at a time” kind of a deal.

    Thanks for your generous spirit,

  24. Crystal

    I could use more help with marketing and the whole link issue.

    These two things make my head spin!

    The php/host thing confuses and worries me too.

  25. Rachel

    I could use more help with website developement and generating incoming links.

    I also have trouble writing good descriptions, I feel like I’m rambling or getting too wordy sometimes, but if I keep it short, I feel like the description is not complete.

    The classes are all great..I love them and they have saved me big time! I do stay behind..always! 🙂 But I get to each one in my own time.

    I could also use more help with things like page titles and keywords.

    Thanks for all you do!

  26. Cath

    Are there certain aspects of blogging that you are not yet feeling confident about? Are there specific marketing concepts that just don’t make sense? Are you lost with issues involving website development or running an online business? Do you need help with more link building ideas? Is day to day motivation or finding ways to balance time between home and work a hang up for you?

    Hi Cricket,

    I’ve been pondering these questions for the last day or two. I love all the practical advice that you give. It has been invaluable. A lot of what you have taught is also good for just plain “running a business”, not neccessarily an “online” business.

    Because I started with using your information with my business offline first, while working on my website (haven’t put the updated version out there yet), and my business has increased dramatically. I’m almost scared to put into practice the lessons online. I don’t know that I can keep up.

    I would love to see more of the motivational type articles. They inspire me to reach higher and work harder.

    The other type of articles that are very helpful are the ones on balancing work and life. I get many good ideas from many people in these groups as well.

    Thanks for all that you do. It is truly appreciated.


  27. Tracy Foote
    Tracy Foote08-03-2007

    Hi Cricket

    I’m not sure if this falls under your google category or marketing but I would like more information on google products search, everything from how to get listed there (which I am reading a little about) to whether others have found it to be a successful marking tool. (I think you have to pay a fee and your listing is only good for a number of days but don’t quote me on this.)

    Since I sell products on both my sites and search engines seem to continue to weigh in on content, I wonder if google product search will become popular for internet “shoppers” as opposed to those searching for information. And, I want to be sure my sites are there if it does become popular.

    Thanks for any help and tips – or even a caution, if it is just not worth venturing down that road : )

    Tracy Foote

  28. Lady Meinking
    Lady Meinking08-03-2007

    Is day to day motivation or finding ways to balance time between home and work a hang up for you?

    YES!!! I have three toddlers, duties at church, baking for Farmer’s market, face painting, and trying to get my website the way I want it. I feel like I am going to go nuts and am seriously considering shutting the website down. I have learned so much in the SEO classes, and I know there is so much I still have to implement on my site. But I am really having trouble balancing. I would definitely appreciate more time saving articles.

  29. Debra

    I am following (slowly) along through the lessons. I am not sure how many times I have read or worked through them. I also purchased the e-book recently because I need actual paper in my hands. Where do I need help?? Writing good content for my pages. I am not a writer. I sew. I need ideas of ways to make each product page different. I seem to get stuck in the same old descriptions for everything. As a side note, I would like to learn more about blogging also. I certainly haven’t tried that yet. If I can’t think of things to say in descriptions then blogging scares me to death. What do you blog about??? You need ot continually have fresh content, I get that part, but how do I come up with something interesting that others would want to read???
    Thanks Cricket! My site has already improved so much but I have “Miles and Miles” to go!!!

  30. Scrapits Keepsakes and Photocards
    Scrapits Keepsakes and Photocards08-03-2007

    Hi Cricket,
    I absolutely LOVE your classes. I have taken them for almost two years now. I started using them to help sell some products from a website but got impatient and soon gave up and started another website on a totally different website. I used your classes for it too.

    After reading and re-reading some of your motivational articles (Ask yourself-why are you really doing this?) I realized I really liked doing what I started out to begin with more. I have re-built the website and re-focused in finding my niche. Along the way I have found other products that I LOVE creating that tie in with my theme and am so excited! But-that’s where I need help. I get sooo impatient. If I don’t see results right away I get frustrated, discouraged and am tempted to give up.

    So…definitely more motivational articles. I’m the kind of person that needs the “Keep Going-don’t Give Up-You’re almost there-You’re gonna make it!” thing going on!

  31. Kathleen


    I have read each and every of your emails in the SEO and Marketing classes. I have now joined the Website Development class, which I should have done first. You see, I am at the point where it seems pointless to try to optimize my current website, since I don’t think that will happen on geocities, and I MUST spend my time buying a domain and setting up a new website. So, that seems to me to be my first step and then use all the tools you have given us to optimize that site.

    I know you will tell me if you feel I am totally off here, but I feel like I’ve done this out of order & should set up the new website first.

  32. Michelle


    I’ve only started your valuable classes about 2 weeks ago and have made lots of changes. Many of the things you speak about, I already have in practice but some things I am just looking at in a different way. I did start a blog for the first time a couple days ago and added a link to it from my homepage. Question: Should I retain a newsletter AND blog? I did set it up using blogger.com and would have liked to have it match my website but my host doesn’t offer blog availability and as money is a factor right now, I thought this was the best for now.

    Someone told me I should look into Press Releases – that it was worth the investment – what do you have to say about this?

    Keep the articles and info coming – it’s all good and beneficial even when repeated – repetition helps retention!


  33. Pennie

    Hi, Cricket–

    What is your feeling about web rings? Are they good or bad, something to join or better to avoid?

    I also recently read an article about link exchanging which was rather scary! It indicated that I may be hurting my site more than helping it if the sites I link to put me on a page that has a low or no rank. So should we even bother with reciprocal linking?

    Thank you for all the time you put into your teaching!

  34. April

    I would love to see more information on marketing in particular, but any of the subject areas would be welcomed information.

  35. Sallie

    Definitely more help with on-line marketing and incoming links. I would love help in finding more ways to build incoming links without resorting to link farms. I am very reluctant to add reciprocal links to my website. Most who want to swap links with me are either competitors, have nothing of value for my customers, or are an “unknown” that I can’t recommend in good conscience. Thanks for all you do!

  36. Lana

    When choosing a domain for a blog.. does .com’s really have an advantage over .net names and .net names over .info names etc? what about .biz
    If so is the advantage minimal or should these names be avoided?
    I really have took your blogging advice to heart! 🙂

  37. Cornelia

    Thank you for all the help & information. This is an ongoing project! I need help with Dreamweaver. I wish you had a group for Dreamweaver like you have for FrontPage. Unfortunately I designed my site in frames (fastest & easiest at the time) & I have tried to work around this but I need much more information in this area & others.

    Thanks again! You and your associates are much appreciated!


  38. Shar

    I have been through several sessions of your classes and now find myself basically back at the beginning. With a new copy of Front Page I am off to the HTML classes that you offer so I can rebuild my web site from scratch after realizing that the dynamic template site that I have now isn’t doing the job for me.

    I always love to see the motivational articles, and I need to better understand linking.

    In spite of the lack of functionality of my dynamic site it has risen dramatically in the search engines because of your classes. Thank you Cricket!


  39. Tara

    These classes have been great. Thank you Cricket. I think my biggest obsticle is getting overwhelmed in all that I need to get done!

    I keep reading through the sessions and am very slowly getting a grasp on what needs to be done. Website development – I’ve used basic templates that I’m not too thrilled with and know my website looks like it was done in my kitchen over a couple of days. This needs to change because I want my website to help people decide to contact me further. Blogging???? I don’t even want to go there yet. So much to learn!

    Thanks for everything you do!


  40. connie

    I need help with so many things and some I don’t even know it yet as I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of knowledge on your sites.

    I need help increasing traffic to my site…

    Once there, I need people to purchase from my site. I often hear that they “love the ______ and will have to buy it” but then they don’t.

    Online Business & Marketing tips sounds intriguing. Basically, I’ll take whatever I can get!

    Thanks a bunch!

  41. Lana

    Hi Cricket,
    I was wanting to know if you recommend registering and hosting a domain with different companies. Or do you consider it a secure decision to use one company for both?

  42. Patricia

    Marketing. Marketing is the only thing I do not feel confident about – both online and offline!


  43. Bonnie Belak
    Bonnie Belak08-07-2007

    Hi Cricket –

    I would love to see more articles about “Basic Blogging Tips”.

    I am not new to blogging. I have read other people’s blogs for what seems like years. I have personal account with a local newspaper that I can use to post events, polls and also a blog.

    However, I have never hosted my own blog. That is until a few days ago when I finally decided to start my own company blog. I am not sure that I have it set up correctly, so I would love to see more articles that give hints and tips on what to do and what not to do when setting up a blog. Some hints and tips on which plugins are good to have and which plugins to avoid. Maybe also hints and tips on the different options in the administration panel in WordPress, as they relate to good SEO.



  44. Joe Antony
    Joe Antony08-11-2007

    Hi Cricket, I have made big progress after joining your group. I now have about 150 to 250 hits /page views per day for my medical web site. But I would like help with:1) Finding good key words (at present, my site targets 2 key phrases: “ultrasound gallery” and “ultrasound images of xyz disease”. For both of these it is on page one of google search for most of the topics I cover. I tried but failed to find other key phrases with the keyword tools. 2) please help me find good relevant medical related sites to publish articles to get incoming links.
    Thanks for reaching out to us through this page.

  45. Shar

    I would like more help with web development and I need help with writing descriptions too.

  46. Amanda Mackell
    Amanda Mackell08-14-2007

    Hello Cricket,

    I would like more information regarding analyzing results from our SEO. I have Google Analytics installed, but I get little use from it other than viewing the number of hits on my site and keywords that people searched for and were led to my site. I’m sure there is a great deal of information to be extracted from the data which could be useful to SEO, up just not sure where to start!

    Thank you so much for all of your help!


  47. Elaine

    Ok, I see why I was having trouble keeping up – I’ve been trying to optimize a whole site and not just one page. That would be my overly ambitious side – once I really get interested in something, I tend to get in over my head!

    What I really need help with now, is finding something I truly love to do. This seems like the right place to ask because you of all people know what you are passionate about, and most of the members I have seen comment know what they are passionate about too. For me it’s a mystery; I need help piecing together what I’m good at with what I want to do.

    I’ve reserved the Zig Ziglar book you recommend at the library, and I have a feeling it will help. I’ve also read various other books but so far I don’t have a lot of clues. After prolonged thought I still can’t answer the question, what would you do if money were no object? A new section on your personal blog with motivational articles, like finding what you are good at, would sure help me. Just hearing others’ stories of how they found their calling would be awesome. Maybe another post like this where everyone can respond?

    I doubt I am totally alone in this problem, since there are so many sites out there offering ways to make money online. Instead of just searching for a business to make me money, I want to find something I am truly passionate about so I care enough to succeed.

  48. Vicky

    Basic Blogging and Google help.

  49. Chris

    I guess my main issue right now is getting ideas on building incoming links. Your classes have been great and I have learned much. Another area of interest is writing for the web, I really struggle with creating good copy.

  50. Janice

    I think I need help in various areas.

    Marketing: Getting my business name out there for little or no cost beyond seo. I’d love to know web site/places/promotions that have worked for others. I’d love a list of places I can submit coupons to for my site for free. I know you are referring to online, but I would also would want to know effective places offline for marketing products that get sent nationwide.

    Blogging: I know I need a blog, but I’m kind of clueless. One just on my web site content will have limited appeal. Do I do a broader based one (ie one womans adventure into business) and occasionally put in links to my web site and items? The scope of the site and where to start is what has me stuck.

    Affiliate info. I know you are down on affiliate programs on web sites, but I have a program where people can become affiliates of my site which is reverse of what you are talking about. How do I get people to sign up for it? I get a lot of hits from the affiliates I do have.