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The following was posted as a GENTLE reminder to everyone that the groups are set up to follow the structure of a classroom. The reason for this is very simple – because it works! 

Imagine for a moment that you were taking a college class at your local University.

The first day of class, before she taught a single lesson, the professor handed every student a list of policies explaining how the class is structured. The policies were posted on the wall so they could easily reference them as needed.

If any students happened to sign up after class had already begun, the university registrar personally pointed each student to the list of policies and frequently asked questions.

Things were done this way so there would be no confusion about how she handles things in that class.

Now imagine it is the second day of class. The professor hands each student a copy of the lesson plan that will be taught, and in what order they will cover them. The professor carefully explains that during class they may ask questions to clarify the lesson being taught, to help them understand the concept.

The professor also explains that if they happen to be taking the class for a second time, to please remember that they are now starting fresh and the last session has ended. The professor explains that if they are ever in doubt, to please refer to the lesson plan.

The professor assures them not to worry about falling behind. This professor also assures them that if they are currently covering Lesson # 5, then they may freely ask questions concerning any of the subjects she has covered between Lesson 1 – 5.

She does however, respectfully request that they reply to the exact topic or lesson they are asking about, not starting a new topic, specific to them. The professor makes this request because there are more than 1000 students and only one of her, so it is very important that she understands EXACTLY which lesson or topic they are referring to. This also makes it possible for students to search the group archives for a specific topic and find ALL questions and answers for that lesson.

This saves EVERYONE a lot of time.

Now imagine that you are sitting there in that classroom WANTING to learn. In fact you NEED to learn the information being taught, because you are taking this class to increase your income to make life easier for your family. The classroom is currently on lesson # 2.

You are desperately trying to hear and understand the lessons being taught, but you cannot even hear the professor because every few minutes someone asks a question, that according to the lesson plan you have in your hand, is from lesson #17.

You have no understanding about lesson #17 and now you are totally lost on lesson two because the students are now having a debate with the professor on if they even agree with what is being taught. Now you are so confused that you do not even know what to ask anymore.

You also cannot understand why the professor keeps answering the same questions repeatedly, when she posts the answers right on the wall. You wish they would take the time to read all of the postings that the professor has placed on the wall every time she has introduced a new concept.

Now you begin to get a little angry, because you desperately need these lessons. You already tried all of the forums and groups and they did not help you. Everyone you talk to tells you that if you do exactly what the professor teaches you that you will see incredible improvement.

You certainly do not want a silent classroom, as that would be very boring indeed. In fact without questions from everyone, you are not even sure what questions you need to ask. You are therefore VERY HAPPY when they ask clarifying questions about the topic that is currently being covered or has been covered during this session.

You do not however have much interest in hearing them talk specifically about their own business.

Please imagine that you are this professor. Imagine that you provide these classes 100% free of charge. You do this because someone took the time to help you when you were new, and it is your way of giving back. You do it because helping people is part of who you are. You did not try to convince even one of these students to take your class, they came to you and asked if they could take a part.

Imagine how frustrated the professor gets because she KNOWS that if they will only STOP and follow the lessons taught, step by step, they will be overjoyed with the results.

Imagine you are this professor giving these free classes and you also receiving private emails telling you that if you only changed this and that, oh and while you were at it if you changed this, and oh by the way, your teaching style really leaves a lot to be desired…

Maybe you could take a moment of your time to imagine this . . .


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