Jakob Nielsen Interview

It always impresses me when I come across a site that is so well written I am enticed to keep digging further to find more information. The longer I stay on a site, the more likely I am to make a purchase.

I have often wondered what specific techniques make this magic happen. Although design plays a part, I knew there must be more to it. There are some very plain sites I spend hours exploring. A perfect example is Jakob Nielsen’s website on usability.

A few years back, I finally realized a technique: he always adds links to related information at the end of each article. It is almost as if he is teasing me to find out more. I find it dragging me deeper and deeper into his site. Although it may be considered an excellent technique for usability, it is also an absolutely ingenious marketing approach.

A recent Jakob Nielsen Interview touches on this concept and adds excellent insight to bring it all together. I want to thank John Scott of the v7n for bringing us another informative interview.


J. Cricket Walker

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