Learn SEO Step by Step

Many people can become completely overwhelmed with the process of optimizing their website. Often times, every change you make leads you to another change you need to make. At times the process begins to seem endless.

One issue that causes this, is trying to focus on too many things at once. Approaching this process one baby step at a time is absolutely vital.


Okay, I know many of you have heard me ask this multiple times, but I am bound to ask it many more times over the coming months.

QUESTION: How do you eat an elephant?

ANSWER: One bite at a time . . . (serious groaning here!)

Now let’s begin to focus on things that will help you keep on track, without becoming totally overwhelmed.

One of the most powerful methods of overcoming this feeling is to put yourself in a position to be able to enjoy rapid rewards for the work that you do. Every step you take is bringing you in the right direction.

HOWEVER, many of us are perfectionist . . . (you already know who you are)

If you wait for your site, (or even a page for that matter) to be perfect before uploading changes, it will take far too long for you to see results. If every change you make brings you a little closer to your target, you get excited. You actually begin to see where you are headed. The more excited you get, the easier it becomes to follow the steps without becoming discouraged.


– Once you have selected the title for your page, make the change and publish the page.

– Once you have added some content while working on keyword density, publish the page again.

– Once you have added effective alt tags to a page, publish the page again.

– Once you have added effective heading tags, publish the page again.

– Once you add an effective keyword meta tag, publish the page again.

– Once you add an effective description meta tag, publish the page again.

– Once you have added some effective anchor text links, publish the page again.

– Once you have added title attribute tags to your links, publish the page again.

First, you will begin to rapidly see the results of all your hard work, one step at a time. The second benefit of this method of continually uploading your changes, is that Google LOVES new content. The more “spider food” you feed the bots, the more often they will return looking for more changes.

Above all, relax and have fun.

Don’t worry about how much you are able to do at a time. Do what you CAN do as you can do it. Every baby step brings you that much closer.

Just take things one step at a time at a pace comfortable for you.


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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  1. Jennifer DeRosa
    Jennifer DeRosa08-06-2007

    Although I tend to be a perfectionist who works off notes rather than composing in Front Page I have found that sometimes the formating on my web pages (especially the limited space in the sidebar area) helps me decide what to to write and I can make changes quicker. I do find myself debating about what information should be above the fold and that does slow me down.

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