One Person’s Excuse …

When I used to speak to groups of people, I was able to express my thoughts and feelings with the tone of my voice and the inflection in my words. There was a passion in my voice that could motivate people to their very soul. I want to find a way to recapture that in my writing.

I have a long way to go to reach this goal, but it is a personal challenge I want to overcome. I have to find a way for the passion inside me to come across in my written words — a way that people feel I am speaking directly to them — to feel I am speaking right to their heart.

Life is not about what happens to us but rather how we choose to respond to what happens in our lives. We have all heard it 100 times but somehow we forget to live it.

We all know someone who dwells on what life could have been if only they had been brought up in different circumstances — if only they had not been raised in a poor neighborhood, or the product of a broken home.

Yet often we hear the success story of a champion explaining that they grew up a fighter with a burning desire to succeed because they were raised in a poor neighborhood, and the product of a broken home.

Have you ever noticed that one person’s excuse for not reaching their goals is another person’s very reason for success?

At some point in our lives we must begin to accept responsibility for who we are, despite those things that have happened in the past. Once we do this we can choose to move forward. We can choose to live the life we were meant to have.

Do you feel you were forced to leave school too soon and could have gone further had you stayed? What is keeping you from going back now?

Absolutely nothing prevents you from continuing to learn more every day. If you cannot attend classes on campus, find an alternative. If you have tried every possible resource for the financial backing to continue your education and cannot find a solution, start looking outside the box.

Choose to teach yourself. The internet is filled with free resources for motivated individuals to research and learn just about any subject they are interested in learning.

Likewise, too many of us blame our poor parenting skills on the example set by our parents. In the end, we all do the very best that we knew how to do at the time, but we can choose to stop this cycle. We can CHOOSE to learn to be an excellent parent.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to take the time to truly evaluate where we are and where we are headed.

What excuses are we still holding onto that limit who we can be?


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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