Don’t Rely On One Strategy

In every online business, a huge part of success depends on using a blend of what works. Don’t rely on one strategy. Use a careful blend. If one doesn’t work, you will have backup with other techniques that will.

Let’s look at two areas to see how this works.

Area 1: Advertising your website online and offline.

— Look for local resource to advertise your businesses for free. For example, some local chambers of commerce and small business development centers provide a resource list of local businesses to the public, both online and offline.

— Actively participate in local charities that you believe in. Many of these charities sell advertisements at very affordable prices. This will increase your visibility while helping your favorite charity at the same time.

—Always have a business card handy to hand to someone when they ask if you happen to know anybody. This is one of the most frequently violated principles by small business entrepreneurs. (The second is having crumpled, bent, ugly business cards.)

Area 2: Increasing your link popularity.

— Give the public quality information that they will WANT to share with others. You would be surprised at how many people will link to you without you asking if you just provide high quality information.

— Get in the habit of frequently writing articles for your own website and blogs.

— Find relevant newsletters looking for quality content that would be of interest to your target audience. Offer to write a few articles for it.

— Find resource websites to which you can submit your unique tips and tutorials.

— Search out online magazines that are about your industry. Then submit resource articles or find out how to become a featured site.

The key is to find a blend. Resist the urge to look for shortcuts. When you take the time to use a variety of marketing resources, you will develop a solid business that you can depend on both now and in the future.


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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