Make It Easy to Order Right Now!

Make It Easy to Order!

Why is it that online business owners spend countless hours following every possible search engine optimization and marketing technique to get me to visit their website, and yet make it so difficult for me to actually make a purchase?

Haven’t they realized that if they don’t make it easy to order right now, the odds are very good their visitors will leave?

It shocks me how often website owners will have page after page convincing me to purchase their product, but then make me look for the link (button) to buy right now.

Online shoppers have many different buying habits. Some will be ready to buy after very little information has been offered. Others will want to know everything before proceeding.

You can meet the needs of both types of buyers by first making sure they can easily see the link, and second by providing more than one opportunity to make the purchase.

Similarly, if you make people register before they can make a purchase, you are going to lose some business, it is as simple as that.

There have been many times when I clicked the add to cart or buy it now button because I needed more information than I could find on the site, such as which credit cards they accept or how much the shipping charges are.

If the site uses what I call forced registration (you must register before you can continue) I am very likely to leave the website without making a purchase.

Why on earth would they even consider making me go through all of that just to find out if they will accept my Discover Card?

If you step back and look at these scenarios for a moment, you might also see where the site owner could have put me at ease long before it ever reached this point.

I should never need to click a buy now button to find out which credit cards the company accepts, or to find out shipping charges and policies. This type of information should be available up front!

This is also the point that your credibility better be above reproach. Once those visitors begin pulling out their credit cards, even minor details missing from the site can be all it takes to spook them away.

Before clicking that button, many folks will look down one last time to make sure the site displays full contact information.

Do your visitors have to search for this information? Or, is it right at the bottom of every page?

People won’t spend much time looking for additional information. If they do not see what they need quickly and easily, they will move on to another site that they feel comfortable making a purchase from, even if that means spending a bit more money.

Give your visitors the same type of information that you would be looking for before making a purchase from a company that you were unfamiliar with, and then take the time to make it easy to order!


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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