Paying It Forward

Why do I care if you participate in the SEO Training classes?

How could it possibly make any difference to me if you actively participate in the training, or if you choose to lurk in the background?

There is only one reason I care whether you take an active role in the classes…


“Paying it forward” is a major part of my personal philosophy. I understand that some people simply don’t realize how important it is to me. Helping others reach their desired level of success, is a solemn commitment I have to myself. It is a big part, an important part, a defining part of who I am.

I continually search for ways to encourage and motivate you. I search for ways to give you confidence. I search for ways to help you push farther than you ever thought possible. By helping you to build a successful home based business, it helps me feel that, in some small way, I am helping you provide for and be there, for the people who mean the most in your lives.

Nearly a year and a half of providing the free training has shown me a connection. There is a direct correlation between your active participation in the classes and the level of success you will experience.

Do you ever get frustrated? I do.

I want people to succeed. I structure the lessons carefully to enable everyone to succeed.

Sometimes I see a post in another online group in which someone says they’ve been taking my class for months and have not seen any results. Because I care, I want to see what is happening. But when I research some more I discover two things. First, although they have been in my class for months they have never asked one question. Second, although they have been in my class for months their site clearly shows they are not following the techniques.

That frustrates me … big time.

When I hear someone say they quit the classes because they didn’t understand how to do what was being taught, I become even more frustrated.


Just being a member of the classes will not make even an ounce of improvement to your results. You have to actually implement what is being taught. If you do not understand, then you must ask for help to understand.

Not only that, you must follow the steps.

Ever try to bake a cake without following the steps? Each step is important. Each step builds on the step before. You can’t pick and choose a few ingredients and a few steps and toss them together and get anything close to a successful cake.

SEO is like that. Follow the steps.


These classes are my gift to you. There is no fee. There is no obligation. But there is my hope: I hope you will truly accept the gift and be successful.


J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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