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J Walker (a.k.a Cricket)
Hopefully by now you have noticed that I take my recommendation to read “See You At The Top”, written by Zig Ziglar, very seriously. This is one of those MUST READ books that can make a tremendous difference, both in your business and in your personal life.

One thing that Zig Ziglar teaches his readers is that, “Plans change, decisions don’t.” Let’s take a moment to give an example of one of his stories that may help you understand this concept.

One day I decided that I was going to take a road trip down to San Antonio. I took a quick peek at a few maps so that I could plan the route that I would take on this trip. The directions looked like it would be very EASY to get to San Antonio. I would only need to take two roads to get to my destination. My plan was to take I-55 South down to I-10 West, which would take me right into San Antonio.

The day of the trip began bright and sunny and I was very excited to begin. I jumped in my car and was on my way. About halfway through my trip, traffic came to a complete halt. Up ahead I noticed there was a big sign – ROAD CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION. At this point one, of two different scenarios might occur. You decide which of these would describe your response to the situation.

Well darn it anyway! I guess that means I just cannot make this trip. I know signs are explaining the detour route for people to take, but I am not sure I understand the new directions. This is not what I planned. I know I am already halfway there, but I think I better just give up my decision to go to San Antonio. I am going to turn around and go back.

The roads are under construction? That is FANTASTIC! I have taken these roads a million times before, and I have to tell you, they really needed some reconstruction! Here I thought I was going to take the same old route, and now I get the opportunity to look at some new scenery and there will be signs to lead me the whole way? That is definitely FANTASTIC.

Yes, I know this is a little ridiculous, but the choice is yours. You can CHOOSE to rant and rave all the way home and tell everyone what kept you from getting to your destination. Or, you can CHOOSE to make the best of your little detour and finish what you set out to do. Spend some time in San Antonio.

My DECISION was to spend time in San Antonio, which route I took was simply the plan.

Plans change. Decisions don’t!

I say the following respectfully, so do not misunderstand my intentions. You will learn very rapidly that I don’t sugar coat things. I tell you EXACTLY like it is. Please, please, please . . . do not send me a million emails concerning WHY your situation is different, and that in your case it simply cannot be done. I promise you these two things:

  1. I have heard it all before.
  2. For every reason you give me on WHY it cannot be done, there are people who are going right past ya who are doing it.

It CAN BE DONE, provided it is your DECISION.

I have had a little sign on my desk for many years. It says, “Let’s think of a few ways that it CAN BE DONE.”

If you are truly SERIOUS about your DECISION to develop a successful online business, there are going to be some detours along the way. We will occasionally rethink our plans on the exact route we take, but you WILL GET THERE if you focus on the following:

Instead of thinking of reasons why it cannot be done, let’s focus on ways it CAN BE done!


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