SEO Coffee Shop

The SEO Coffee Shop

The SEO Coffee Shop is a place for members of the SEO Techniques class to chat over a cup of coffee. This group was created to provide a completely relaxed atmosphere with just a few guidelines. Treat each other with complete respect at all times, and do not discuss classroom type topics.

Actually, without him even realizing it, the idea for opening the SEO Coffee Shop originated during a conversation with James, of James S. Huggins’ Refrigerator Door.

Many folks know that I am a major coffee drinker. When I wake up in the mornings, my first thought tends to be about coffee. In fact, I think I would hook up a coffee i.v. if I could!

Anyway, to make a short story much longer….

James and I somehow ended up talking about coffee. Suddenly it brought back warm memories of a coffee shop in San Antonio, Texas.

When I wanted to escape from life, I would go to this HUGE Barnes & Nobles bookstore. Even though the store was extremely large, it was set up with a very cozy atmosphere. There was wonderful overstuffed furniture everywhere for relaxing and reading. It gave me the feeling of curling up in a big chair in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s day.

Over to the side there was a Starbucks Coffee Shop. I would buy the biggest and sweetest cup of coffee (with some insane amount of calories) and still proceed to add creme, sugar and chocolate. I would sit there for a moment or two sipping on the coffee, letting the stress of the day melt away. Then I would begin to wander through the books, sometimes for hours, and of course always ending up buying more than a few books that I couldn’t live without.

Somehow, before I left, I always ended up back at the coffee shop, wanting one more moment of this peaceful escape. Invariably, a casual conversation would begin with someone escaping, in much the same manner as I. We would sit and chat over “one more cup of coffee”, and I would remember how truly good life is.

I wanted to recreate that atmosphere. I imagined a place where we could sit down over a cup of coffee and escape the world if we wanted to.

And that my dear friends, was the birth of the SEO Coffee Shop.

BYOC (Bring your own coffee) Grin!


J. Cricket Walker

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