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J Walker of GNC Web Creations

How is the blogging coming? Have you made it at least a weekly habit yet? Are you looking for other related blogs that will allow you to leave comments with a signature to your website?

WHAT? You haven’t created your blog yet?

What is keeping you from taking full advantage of this wonderful technique that will help you build your main website?

Do you already have more traffic than you can handle?

Are your sales getting too high?

Folks – Your blog entries do not have to be long. A simple paragraph once a week will do.


PLEASE NOTE – I say this with all due respect and mean no offense to anyone at all. I am fully aware that time is a serious concern for all. It is for me also. However this is something that you can set up completely in under an hour. You can maintain a blog in less than 30 minutes a week.

If a blog will help you that is great. If it won’t that is fine too. However, please understand the following: If you choose to ignore the solution of blogging as a way to increase your relevant incoming links, then please also understand you can’t come to me and say, “I can’t find incoming links”.

I have a friend that calls me several times a week. Her life is filled with problems. When she calls, she will tell me about these same problems over and over again. I offer her possible solutions, so that she doesn’t have to deal with these same problems repeatedly. A week later we are discussing the exact same situation. When I ask if she has tried any of the solutions, she explains to me that she has not – cuz she just isn’t sure they will work.

A webmaster complains that they can’t keep the spiders on their site or find incoming links. I offer a solution that is 100% free. Create a blog that links to your site. A few weeks later the webmaster repeats the same challenge they are facing – No incoming links.

I ask: Did you start your blog?

Member Answers: Nope. I am still thinking about it.

I Answer: The spiders are still THINKING about visiting your site.



J. Cricket Walker

Small Business Marketing Consultant and SEO Training Specialist
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  1. Elizabeth

    I agree I need to get working on my blog! Part of my problem has been waiting for our graphic designers to redesign my pages, and I’m not sure if I should link the blog through my static pages or to my shopping cart.
    I think after reading this I am going to go ahead and at least start blogging (I am pretty good about my personal one to share pictures of my 15-month-old daughter with friends and family.)

  2. Marie High
    Marie High08-02-2007


    Do you know of anywhere that you can hire someone to write a blog for you? I just simply do not have the time nor the skills to blog, but I know that it is the going thing right now.


  3. Pam

    I am in the middle of starting a second business, designing a new web site for that, and I am a bit behind, but blog I will!!!! eventually….

  4. Shanna

    I have been taking suggestions for tutorials to add to my blog. It will soon include Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials as well as some recommended sites.

  5. Marcia

    Lights, the idea of a blog. Camera, the focus of the blog. Action, just do it! I actually started one but did not stick with it. Now, I’m making it a part of my weekly business schedule. Thanks for the nudge, Cricket!

  6. Jennifer DeRosa
    Jennifer DeRosa08-03-2007


    Thanks to your encouragement I started a business blog last February & have managed to post once a week. I have a long way to go though. I’m using Blogger but I plan to move to WordPress (printed some install information earlier this week). I haven’t had any comments yet although people have viewed my profile & only one viewer has gone to my web using the link on my blog but the habitual THINKING of potential content for my web has been great. Initially I was concerned about whether I’d have the time but when I think of a potential topic I just jot it down on a piece of paper & save it for when I have time. I use “odd” moments during my week to write ruff blog articles such as when I’m waiting in the deli line at the grocery store or when I’m a passenger in a car. This method has worked for me. I’m approximately two months ahead of schedule. I plan to move at least some of my archieved blog articles to my web when time permits. As I mentioned earlier this week, one of the concerns I have with my web sales is how to increase more profitable sales. I believe that adding quality content will help increase my online credibility & thus improve profitibility. Another area I definitely need to work on is adding links from my blog to individual web pages. So far I’ve only added a couple of links but thanks to all the class discussion about linking I’m starting to “think” more along those lines & I think including links in my blog articles will come more naturally. Also, thanks for your reminder to add comments to similar blog articles. I haven’t found too many blogs on the same topic as my blog (custom embroidered apparel) but I just realized while writing this sentence that I could also reply to related topic blogs such as promotional products & screen printing blogs. Once again, thanks for encouraging me “think” about what I need to do! Thanks again!

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