Shopping Carts vs. Stores

Do you know the difference between a store and a shopping cart?

You don’t??

Are you sure??

Haven’t you ever been grocery shopping??

Here is what a shopping cart does:

  1. It lets you choose items to buy
  2. It lets you change your mind and put an item back on the shelf.
  3. It lets you take the items to checkout
  4. It computes how much you need to pay for all those items so you can pay for them

THAT is a shopping cart.

Notice that a shopping cart does NOT do these things:

  1. A shopping cart does not list the items you might want to buy. (The store does that.)
  2. A shopping cart does not display the items you might want to buy. (The store does that.)
  3. A shopping cart does not describe the items you might want to buy. (The store does that.)

So, why do I bother to explain this?

Because much of the software that is sold as a shopping cart is REALLY A STORE plus a shopping cart.

The PROBLEM is that a shopping cart doesn’t have anything to do with SEO.

But the STORE has EVERYTHING to do with SEO.

You can MAKE YOUR OWN STORE and use a shopping cart. Or, you can use a tool like ZenCart which really is a STORE.

If you only choose a shopping cart, then you can make your own store and do everything you need to do for good SEO.

BUT . if you choose a shopping cart that is really a STORE, you better be freaking sure that the STORE you choose will let you do the SEO you want to do. Because if you choose a STORE instead of making your own, and if you choose the wrong one, you won’t be able to do the SEO you want.

When you think about shopping carts and stores, just remember when you go grocery shopping. The store shows what you can buy. The shopping cart helps you buy it.

Article Provided by James S. Huggins
Small Business Resolution Coach, Author and Speaker

Copyright © 2007 James S. Huggins of The Eclectic Power Company All Rights Reserved