Success Is a Journey

J Bailey (a.k.a Cricket)
Eventually you realize, what many motivational speakers before me have said, “Success is not a destination. It is a journey.” Once you come to this realization, you learn to enjoy the trip, instead of only your anticipated arrival.

For some, this understanding comes early, but for many it comes far too late. Consider for a moment the folks that LIVE FOR THE DAY that they will not have to work, the day they can retire. Every moment and every dream is a plan for the future, instead of enjoying life today.

At times, this understanding comes when something happens in your life that shakes up the very core of your being.

For me, this life changing event occurred nearly 20 years into a successful career, when I asked, Dear God, I wonder if she knows . . .

These days, my personal definition for success takes on an entirely different focus. Although money is certainly a PART of it, for me, it is not the motivating factor. Working from home provides for me things that money cannot buy.

It gives me time for the people that mean most in my life. It allows me the ability to take my daughter to school every morning and be waiting there for her every afternoon. I am able to stop whatever I am doing for a moment to talk with a lonely friend or give encouragement to someone who is down. For me, these things help define my success.

Once you reach that understanding, often your definition of success begins to take on a different shape.

Every time I succeed at a challenge that was just beyond my reach of capabilities, it gives me a feeling of worth and of value. It is then that I realize the next step and find myself already looking ahead to the next horizon, just beyond my view, but still surrounded by the feelings of accomplishment for the current successes.

Yesterday your ultimate dream may have been to receive the #1 plaque in the North American Division, tomorrow it may be wondering if you will ever succeed at potty training the dog! One does not have more meaning than the other. We alone decide our ultimate definition of success.

As with most things in life, occasionally we need reminders concerning WHY we do the things we do. Last year I was once again reminded of my priorities, along with a brand new perspective.

Success is something that happens INSIDE you, just as happiness is a CHOICE we make in our lives.

If you enjoy reading, (or even if you don’t) let me recommend a book that made a tremendous difference in my life. Take the time to track this one down, because it will be well worth it. The author, Zig Ziglar is a motivational speaker out of Dallas, Texas. His best book ever is called, See You at The Top. I frequently see it available at the public library, second hand book stores, and on eBay, so affordability shouldn’t be an issue.

If you are serious about building a successful business, you will definitely want to take this recommendation seriously.


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