Five Things About Cricket

Okay, bear with me for an odd ball post here …

John Scott tagged me, so I am supposed to come up with five things that y’all don’t know about me and post it here on my blog. I will find a way to pay you back for this someday John!

Considering the fact that I have even told the embarrassing story about how I got my name, finding five things that you might not know about me is a lot more difficult than it sounds! Okay, here goes…

1. I am extremely left handed.

2. My desk usually looks like a hurricane hit it!

3. When I first meet someone new, I tend to be on the shy side.

4. I absolutely love NASCAR and have been a major fan of Jimmy Johnson (#48) since he was a rookie.

5. I do an awesome Donald Duck impression, which comes in handy for embarrassing my daughter in front of her friends.

I’m tagging: Julie, Laura, Dustin, Chris, and Rob.


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