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Volcanica Coffee Gourmet Coffee Beans
Some of my warmest memories involve sitting around chatting with friends over a good cup coffee. So much so, that I recently opened a virtual SEO Coffee Shop. I wanted to recreate that atmosphere.

I imagined a place where we could sit over a cup of coffee and escape the world if we wanted to.

My friends will tell you that I am more than a little fussy about my coffee. The owner of the Volcanica Coffee Company heard that I truly love good coffee and sent me a pound of Costa Rican Coffee Tarrazu, Volcanica Reserve.

From the moment I broke the seal on the bag I knew that I was in for a very special treat. The wonderful deep aroma filled the kitchen while I anxiously waited for a full pot to brew. One sip of this full-bodied gourmet coffee, and I was completely lost in the incredible flavor.

I am not affiliated with Volcanica Coffee Company, but if the quality of their product is any indication, they will be a tremendous success. If you are looking for an excellent source of gourmet coffee beans, I highly recommend ordering a few pounds for yourself and maybe even for a friend. A note on their website mentions that they guarantee their products to give 100% satisfaction. I am certain it is because they know that you will be hooked from the very first cup.

Gourmet Coffee Beans
Volcanica Coffee is a gourmet coffee experience unlike any other. Volcanica gourmet coffee beans are grown in rich volcanic soil at high mountain elevations which produces a rich and delicious coffee flavor unmatched by any other variety. Specialty coffees include Costa Rican, Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain.

Gourmet Coffee Beans by the Volcanica Coffee Company


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