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Creating Website Content

Search engines will return search results in the exact order of their perceived relevancy to the search phrase requested.

The more relevant your site is to the search requested, the HIGHER your page will show in the results.

Tape the above statement somewhere that you will see it repeatedly. That single statement is the key to your success in the search engines.

Once you TRULY UNDERSTAND that one thing, everything else begins to fall into place.

FIRST, we carefully selected a niche for each page we are optimizing.

Then, using a methodical, step by step approach, we researched and selected the optimal title for each of those pages.

We are now TELLING the search engines, “this is what our page is about.”

Now, it is a matter of backing up what we have said.

We have to take the steps needed to make sure that the selected key phrase is what our page is ACTUALLY about.

This means we have to USE the exact key phrase selected, within the content of our pages. We also need to use it more than once, and in more than one area of the page.

To put the icing on the cake, in ADDITION to the exact phrase, we are going to use variations of the phrase in other areas of the page.

This does not mean just cramming some keyword on a page. We must take the time to write QUALITY content that uses the phrase NATURALLY throughout the page and in more than one way.

The PRIMARY FOCUS of the page must be the key phrase you have selected.

Folks, I hate to tell you this, but it is going to take more than a paragraph or two to accomplish this.

Many of us are going to have to LEARN how to write this content. We currently have training going on for this in our free Successful Website Marketing Class. We also provide content writing tutorials on our main website.

You will not accomplish this overnight. However, if you are SERIOUS about making it to the top 10 for your key phrases, you must begin developing quality content.


J. Cricket Walker

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