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This tutorial is designed for Xara Webstyle 4 and FrontPage 2003. With minor adjustments, it could also easily be used for prior versions of FrontPage. The focus of the tutorial addresses inserting a menu into an existing website.

Xara Webstyle Menu and FrontPage Tutorial

If you have tried this previously, delete all traces (files) of the old menu BEFORE you begin. Do NOT forget to also remove the old JavaScript files.

Create a folder inside your domain web and name it menu.

Place your cursor exactly where you would like to insert your menu.

In the FP menu go to:

Insert > Xara Webstyle 4 > NavBars & Menus

At this point Xara will open.

You will see a few Menus in front of you and a green left and right arrows to browse through more choices.

Click on the menu you would like to use.

If you have previously edited the menu you select, a box will pop up that says you have used the theme before and it will ask if it should copy your previous selections. Select DON’T COPY!

On the left side of the window, you will see several button selections, if you already know the names for your buttons, click on text and enter the names of your buttons. You can also select the font here but be aware that different fonts can also change the final size of your menu. (You can create your menu first, and come back to edit this later very easily.)

Next select color and make all of your color choices for your menu. You can also change hover colors here as needed. (You can create your menu first, and come back to edit this later very easily.)

Select menus from the left button selections. If you already know the names and URL’s of your menu (including the drop downs) you can enter this information, including alt text for the top bottons. (You can create your menu first, and come back to edit this later very easily.)

Select save from the left button selections. On this page, there are several options for how you want to save the images, such as gif, png, or jpg. Optimization selections are also here. Use browser preview located inside the window to select the one you are comfortable with, keeping download time in mind as you work. (The preview box will give you download times for your selection.)

Do NOT click save graphic until you complete the following:

Click on the button that says New Project and give the project a simple name. One word is fine.

Click save graphic. A new box will open.

Click on the graphics folder button and scroll until you find the new folder you created earlier double click on it so it chooses this folder to save the images, etc. in.

Xara will now automatically close, and FP2003 will reopen in front of you with your new menu.

Making Xara Webstyle Menu Changes Later

When you need to make changes in the menu, simply open a page where the menu is located and double click on it. (The menu itself)

Xara will automatically open for you to make your desired changes.

When you are done, select save. (No worries, Xara will remember where everything belongs.)

Again, Xara will close automatically and FP2003 will reopen.

When you want to insert the menu on another page, open both the page where the menu is located and the new page where you want to place the menu.

Click on the menu ONCE. This will highlight the menu and you will likely see a little hand holding a page. Right click and select copy.

Place your cursor on the new page where you want to place then menu. Right click and select paste.

If you need to make changes in the menu after it is on multiple pages, no worries . . .

Same instructions as before. Make the changes on one page and the menu will update throughout your site.


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