Xara Templates and FP2003

10 Steps to Set-Up Your Site With FrontPage and Xara

This tutorial is written for Xara Webstyle 4 and FrontPage 2003. With minor adjustments, it could also easily be used for prior versions of FrontPage.

Step 1:
Create a new empty web in FrontPage.

Step 2:
Open Xara

Step 3:
Click on “Web Pages” View Screenshot

Step 4:
Select the template and page layout that you would like to work with by clicking directly on the template. View Screenshot

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have previously selected this template, a box will pop up that says you have used the theme before and it will ask if it should copy your previous selections. Select DON’T COPY!

Step 5:
On the left side, click on “colors” and make any standard color changes that you would like to make. Do not make any other changes yet. View Screen Shot

Step 6:
Click on “Save”. When the new little window pops up, click on “new project”, name this project with a single word, all lower text. Verify that “FrontPage Enabled” is checked on the left side of the box. Then click “save web page”. View Screen Shot

Step 7:
A new small window will open up. At the top of the box it will say, “save in”. Make sure this is the new empty web you created. If not, scroll down until you see it. (You may have to click on “my documents” so you can see all your webs. Once you see it, click on it. It should now be listed at the top next to “save in”.

At the bottom of this box, to the left of “save”, it ask for the name of the page. Change it to say “index”, then click “save”. View Screenshot

IMPORTANT NOTE: From this moment forward, you will access Xara (for this site) only from within FrontPage. This will allow it to save things in the correct location.

Step 8:
In FrontPage, open the new index page you just created.

Step 9:
Double click on the menu you would like to make adjustments to. This will open Xara automatically. On the left side of the window, click on the “menus” button. You will now see where you can make the needed changes in the menu, such as the button name, and the drop down link info. View Screenshot

Step 10:
When you are done making the needed changes, simply press save in the lower left hand corner of Xara. A new box will open where you can select your image optimization preferences and preview the results. When you are satisifed with these settings, select “save and exit”. View Screenshot

FrontPage will now come up again automatically. You can always go back for more menu edits using the same method.

Time Saving Tip for Setting Up Your Site With Xara

Complete all styles preference changes BEFORE making additional pages for your website and convert the embedded CSS in your template to external CSS. Creating External CSS for Xara is really very simple and will save you a tremendous amount of time with edits later on.

Once you have converted the template to CSS, you will have a perfect template to create additional pages for your website. When you are ready to add pages, simply open the original index page in FrontPage and select file > save as. Give this document the selected file name for your new page. The index page will remain saved but a new one will also be saved, identical to the original. Now you can simply edit the content, page title, and meta tags for the new page!

To avoid making mistakes with your original index page, you may want to create a separate unpublished page saved as “template” to create new pages from.

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If you have not yet downloaded the free trial version of Xara and are simply looking for additional information, we have a complete Xara Webstyle 4 Review with screenshots, on our main site.

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